The foundation of our business is people—their safety, their happiness, and their futures. We stay true to our values by supporting our community and lifting up those in need in whatever ways we can. That’s why we always seek to promote a spirit of giving: through volunteerism and charitable contributions, we’re able to do our part to nurture society and its people.

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of Illinois Mutual employees donated during the Company’s 2020 United Way Campaign.

Community Impact Spotlight

Supporting Community Through Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic brought out the best in our employees, who have a history of stepping up to help those in need, from making cloth face masks to donating meals to local charities and human service organizations.

collage of homemade face masks and woman wearing a face mask


Since we see health as one of our greatest assets, we endeavor to support initiatives that provide health care, education and awareness. Organizations and events such as the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, the More Than Pink Walk, and the Heartland Community Health Clinic, for example, work at making physical fitness and mental wellbeing more accessible to a diverse public. We are proud to support these organizations and others, as they raise awareness of health initiatives while helping people get the care they need.


Illinois Mutual has spent more than
20 years
participating in American Cancer Society events and fundraisers, including the More Than Pink Walk.



We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, whether through formal schooling or community activities. Our efforts seek to encourage more educational opportunity for both children and adults, through programs delivered by Junior Achievement of Central Illinois, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts of America, the Hult Center for Healthy Living, and more.

Volunteers from Illinois Mutual mentored approximately
100 students
in the Central Illinois area in 2019.


Human Services

We are passionate about ensuring that people from all backgrounds are getting the help they need when facing hardship. Organizations that prioritize identifying and serving those in significant need—due to poverty, domestic violence or other adversities—are critical in ensuring everyone has the chance to build a path to success and stability. Illinois Mutual works with groups such as Crittenton Center/Crittenton Crisis Nursery, the Center for Prevention of Abuse, Salvation Army and many others to help preserve safety and opportunity for those who need it most.

Illinois Mutual supports the Children’s Home Association of Illinois, which assisted

families and children per month in 2019.


Source: Children's Home Association of Illinois

The Crittenton Crisis Nursery cared for

children in 2018.


Source: Crittenton Crisis Nursery

Civic Dedication


While taking care of people’s immediate needs remains a central priority, Illinois Mutual acknowledges the value in nurturing other aspects of the community. Art, culture, animal welfare, environmental sustainability: these all play a part in maintaining a vibrant society. We support organizations such as the Wildlife Prairie Park, the Peoria Art Guild, the Peoria Riverfront Museum, and others that promote civic and cultural vitality both in Central Illinois and across the nation.

The Peoria Riverfront Museum has provided more than

no-cost museum experiences to students through its Every Student Initiative since 2017.


Source: Peoria Riverfront Museum