There's More at Stake Than You May Think

Being single comes with a lot of responsibility. Maintain your independence with proper insurance planning.

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Being single comes with a lot of responsibility. You work hard to provide for yourself and are proud of everything you've achieved on your own. Having only your personal financial needs as a concern, you may think that insurance is not for you. But the fact is everyone needs insurance. If something were to happen to you, how would you make ends meet? Who would pay your bills? Don't risk having everything you've worked for taken away. Maintain your independence with proper insurance planning.

Disability Insurance

If you depend on your income, and your income alone, you have a lot at stake. Your income is your most valuable asset. If you couldn't work, what would you do? Your paycheck would stop, but your bills wouldn't. It's up to you to earn a living to provide yourself with a place to live and the things you need every day. Don’t learn that lesson the hard way. Protect yourself with disability insurance.

Life Insurance

If you were to die suddenly, who would you leave behind to plan your funeral? A life insurance policy can help make sure your family has money to cover your final expenses. Life insurance also can be used to leave a legacy. Wouldn’t it be great to leave a donation to your religious organization, alma mater or favorite charity? Why not start a college fund for your nieces or nephews? There’s so much you can do.

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