Over the years, there have been many ways you’ve shown your family you love them. And now, you’d like to give your family a little more security by helping to ensure your financial obligations are fulfilled after you’re gone. With Path Protector® Final Expense from Illinois Mutual, you can design an effective plan that fits your needs.

Path Protector® Final Expense offers you two whole life policies from which to choose. Both offer guaranteed premiums and a guaranteed death benefit.


Level Death Benefit Whole Life

Immediate full death benefit guaranteed never to decrease.

Modified Death Benefit Whole Life

For non-accidental death, the death benefit is limited to the return of premium paid accumulated at 5% interest during the first 2 policy years. Thereafter, 100% of the amount of insurance is payable. From day one, full benefits are paid for accidental death.

These life insurance plans can provide an income tax-free benefit1 to help your surviving loved ones pay:

  • Funeral costs
  • Probate expenses
  • Outstanding debt
  • Medical bills

Your policy benefits may also be used to help:

  • Support a grandchild’s college education
  • Provide income to your survivors
  • Arrange for a charitable gift to a church or non-profit organization
  • Create an endowment fund