Path Protector Plus® Term Life with the Family Path™ Solution

For many people, the decision to purchase life insurance starts with a goal of protecting their family. When you select the Family Path™ solution, premiums are guaranteed level for your initial term period of 20 years. The policy may be renewed after the initial term period at annually increasing rates until age 95.

Also included are an Accidental Death Benefit (if underwriting guidelines are met), a Terminal Illness Accelerated Death Benefit, and a Conversion Option, providing flexibility to adapt your policy to your changing needs with the ability to convert to a permanent life insurance plan through the earliest of the initial term, the 20th policy year or age 70 without evidence of insurability.

The Family Path™ Solution in Action

Colin, 32, and Laura, 31, work hard to provide for their children, 7 and 9, and give them everything they need to be happy and thrive. They want to secure life insurance coverage for the whole family, but are unsure which life insurance coverage to purchase and how much they need.


Using the Family Path™ solution, Colin can obtain a 20‑year Path Protector Plus® Term Life policy with a $250,000 death benefit. Laura can be covered under a 20‑year Other Insured Term Rider with a $250,000 death benefit, and both children can be covered with a Child Term Insurance Rider with $20,000 in death benefit for each – all for a monthly premium of $44.881. This family now has up to $540,000 in life insurance protection.

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