Path Protector Plus® Term Life with the Retirement Path™ Solution

After being in business for over 100 years, Illinois Mutual understands that financial goals are behind many life insurance purchases. When you select the Retirement Path™ solution, premiums are guaranteed level for your selected initial term period, and you can choose between a To Age 65, To Age 70, or Return of Premium (ROP) To Age 65 term period. The policy may be renewed after the initial term period at annually increasing rates until age 95.

The Retirement Path™ Solution in Action

Dave, 51, is the owner of a successful contracting company and is the breadwinner of the family, which includes his wife, Sarah, 50, and their two adult children. Dave plans to retire at age 70 and wants to make sure Sarah has sufficient funds should he die prior to retirement.


Using the Retirement Path™ solution, Dave can acquire a To Age 70 Path Protector Plus® Term Life policy with a $500,000 death benefit to help protect his spouse financially during his remaining working years if he were to die prior to retirement at age 70 for a monthly premium of $114.331.

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