Inspired By People

2017 Annual Report

Inspired By Our Policyowners, Agents And Employees

It is not a coincidence that “people” is one of the first words in our mission statement: “We help people achieve and safeguard their financial security.” For over a century, the heart of what we do and who we are as a company has been helping people.

Our team is inspired daily because we know we are making a difference in people’s lives when they need us the most. The Illinois Mutual team inspires me because I know our people coming together every day is what brings Illinois Mutual to life. In 2017 we made a substantial investment in terms of providing training opportunities because I believe training enhances the talent of our people and will make our Company even stronger in our ever-changing industry.

In 2017 we continued our upgrade of our infrastructure and technology. Policyowners can now submit Accident Wellness Benefit Rider claims anytime, anywhere with our mobile-friendly tool. Worksite agents are now able to track sales easier than ever before with a new online dashboard tool. Our continued advances in technology in 2018 and beyond will transform who we are as a company and position us for the future.

Financially, 2017 was a very good year for our Company. We remained financially strong with solid growth. We had the highest level of surplus in our history, and sales continued to grow. Additionally, A.M. Best affirmed Illinois Mutual's Financial Strength Rating of A- (Excellent) with a stable outlook.

In 2018 we will continue moving forward with technology advancements, underwriting improvements and new product development. We will continue to adapt and change and create products based on policyowner and agent feedback while staying true to our foundation of excellent customer service. This has been our story for over 100 years and why we’ve remained financially strong and stable.

We are writing the next great chapter in Illinois Mutual’s history. Great things are happening, and 2018 is going to be another amazing part of our story!

Inspired By Our Employees

Inspired By Compassion

The claims department is where promises are delivered. It takes a special type of person to work in claims because they are providing service to policyowners or their loved ones at a difficult time. The initial call is the start of a relationship with the team member who will be the claimant’s one point of contact until the claims process is complete.

Steffanie Ulm, senior claims examiner, says the Illinois Mutual claims team members are passionate about their work. “We are dealing with real families and real people. It’s important to put yourself in their shoes, and understand that they are often overwhelmed by their situation. We really do develop that personal relationship with our policyowners. Sometimes we do cry after a call because we are so touched by what they are going through; but I am inspired because I know I’m helping our policyowners when they need us the most.”

2017 Highlights

A Spirit of Giving and Fun
Spirit Of Giving And Fun
Technology Advances
Technology Advances
Illinois Mutual had 100% employee participation in the United Way
United Way 100 Percent

Real Life Stories

Inspired By The Love Of Family

When her mother died, Kathy Cooksey and her siblings discovered just how expensive a funeral can be, and she decided to reexamine her own life insurance coverage.

Kathy recently became a grandmother and is very much focused on the future. She wants to do more than make sure her end-of-life costs are covered. Kathy wants to leave a legacy for her new granddaughter and make sure her son and his family are taken care of if something happens to her. Her agent, Mark West, helped her review her current financial status and select the appropriate policy. “Illinois Mutual is the one we went ahead with; they had better coverage at a better price,” Kathy said. She and Mark plan to have periodic reviews to ensure her coverage appropriately matches her current financial situation as well as her desire to leave a legacy for her loved ones.

I know that if anything happens to me, my son and his family have a legacy. They will be taken care of and that gives me some comfort and ease of mind.
— Kathy Cooksey, policyowner

Real Life Stories

Inspired To Protect A Partnership

Dr. Khidhra Poole and Jimmy Poole depend on each other as business partners and partners in life. Their employees depend on them for their livelihood. The Pooles might be new to running a business, but they already recognize the value they bring to their company and wanted to protect it. “Starting a new business and both of us being in the business left little or no safety net,” Jimmy said.

Illinois Mutual agent, Pierre Greene, walked them through the process of selecting a disability income insurance policy. Khidhra and Jimmy want to make sure that in the event something were to happen to either of them, their business would be covered. They see disability income insurance as an integral part of the way business owners should prepare for the unexpected.

It’s not necessarily as much about planning for disability as it is being prepared for disability. As a new business owner it’s important that you’re looking at yourself as an asset and making sure you’re covering yourself.
— Dr. Khidhra Poole

Real Life Stories

Inspired By Employees

Kayte Walls, the human resources manager at the Sullivan-Parkhill automobile dealership, says their motivation for offering voluntary worksite benefits to their employees is to give them a variety of options. They want their employees to be healthy and have opportunities to protect their financial stability.

“Through Illinois Mutual we have an accident plan, supplemental life insurance plan and a short term disability plan,” Kayte said. She works closely with their agent, Mike Peters. Both talk about the service they receive from Illinois Mutual with Kayte herself actually having experienced submitting a claim.

Mike noted the process is simple. “We call one person and they walk us through it. We’re dealing with that same person until the claim is paid.”

Close to 70 percent of our employees have one of the (Illinois Mutual) products. The claims process is easy and the denial rate is low.
— Kayte Walls, Sullivan-Parkhill dealership

Real Life Stories

Inspired By Service

According to agents like Mike Peters, the area where Illinois Mutual really stands out is customer service. “Any questions at all, if I call I’m going to get a real person on the phone and they are going to stick with me until the issue is resolved or the claim paid out.”

Agent Mark West says he likes the feeling of knowing his clients will be treated well. “I know that if a client has an issue and needs to call Illinois Mutual directly they are going to be taken care of.”

Mark also feels his access to underwriters is unique. “I have a relationship with most of the underwriters,” he said. “You don’t get that with any other carrier.”

Pierre Greene says he likes the ease of doing business with Illinois Mutual. “I don’t have to go through 30 prompts to speak with someone,” he said, also noting he appreciates the simplified application process.

You can count on them. They will honor their commitment whether it's 20 years, 30 years or tomorrow and that means a lot to me.
— Pierre Greene, agent

2017 Financial Report Overview

  • Corporate Bonds
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Government Bonds
  • Common Stock
  • Policy Loans
  • Other Invested Assets
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Real Estate
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Charts represent dollars in millions

Total Cash and Invested Assets
2016 1,307,869,008
Other Assets
2016 71,956,618
Separate Accounts
2016 54,498,155
Total Assets
2016 1,434,323,781
Liabilities and Surplus
Total Liabilities
2016 1,208,372,635
2016 225,951,146
Total Liabilities and Surplus
2016 1,434,323,781

Board of Directors

Katie M. Jenkins
Thomas P. Jenkins
Melissa Metternich
Judith K. McCord


Katie M. Jenkins, President & Chairperson
Erin K. Callahan, Vice President
Christopher A. Connor, Vice President
Louis S. Kanowsky, Vice President, Treasurer & Controller
Elizabeth A. Martin, Vice President
Maureen T. Mulville, Secretary, Vice President & General Counsel
Craig A. Parr, Vice President
Susan M. Reitz, Vice President & Chief Actuary
Jeffrey L. Wann, Vice President
Jeffrey D. Brownell, Assistant Vice President
Christine M. Case, Assistant Vice President
Kevin R. Christensen, Assistant Vice President
Mary L. Gensel, Assistant Vice President
Ellen J. Gorman, Assistant Vice President
John A. LaFollette, Assistant Vice President
Lynn M. Rathbun, Assistant Vice President
David Y. Ratnaraj, Assistant Vice President
Jennifer E. Schulze, Assistant Vice President