How to Submit an Accident Wellness Claim Online


Welcome to the Wellness Benefit Online Claim Submission Tutorial. When you first come to My Policy, you will see a list of all the policies you own with Illinois Mutual. If you own an Accident Policy with the Wellness Benefit Rider attached, you will see a box at the bottom of the page called "Accident Wellness Claims" that contains a link to submit a Wellness Claims form online.

First, click the Wellness Claim form link. Once the window opens, enter the date that the wellness screening test took place. Next, check to make sure that your name, address, and phone number information is correct. Finally, select for whom the wellness screening test was performed. Once you have done this, click continue to move on to the next step.

Here you will select which wellness screening test was performed, and also enter information regarding the doctor or provider who performed the test. Then, click "Continue" to move on to the Fraud Warning statement that must be agreed to before you can continue. Click "Sign Claim Form" to continue. Click "Yes" on the pop-up if you're sure you'd like to continue, as no changes could be made after moving forward.

Once you have done this, please review the agreement that appears and click "accept" at the bottom of the page if you accept the terms. Finally, you will see a form containing your claim information. You can e-sign this form by clicking "click to sign" and then "ok" to confirm your signature. Once your request is processed, your claim has been submitted.

If you have any questions regarding the Accident Wellness Claim Submission process, please contact the Illinois Mutual Claims Department at (800) 437-7355, ext. 751. Thank you.