Let’s do more business together!

Let’s do more business together!

Message from the President & Chairperson

The end of 2022 is coming up fast! As exciting as this time of year can be, it’s sometimes stressful, as well, as we strive to reach and exceed our sales goals for the year. As always, Illinois Mutual is here to support you with tools, resources and representatives ready to answer your questions and provide what you need to help you finish the year strong.

In addition to using our resources found through the Agent Forum, now is a fantastic time to do an annual check-up with your clients. Do they still have the same needs as when they first got their Life or DI policies? Would they benefit from our new Simplified Issue Whole Life (SIWL) product? Read on through this issue to learn more ways you can help your current clients, and add new clients to your book of business.

Illinois Mutual continues to thrive in the insurance industry largely due to your commitment to your clients and your belief in the value of our products. We are here to support you in any way we can as you help people achieve and safeguard their financial security. As the holiday season and New Year celebrations approach, don’t forget to give yourself the time to rest and be with your loved ones. Let’s prepare to enter 2023 fully charged and ready to have another successful year!

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Katie M. Jenkins
President & Chairperson

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3 Reasons to Write More Business with Illinois Mutual

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Get practice development help, bonus programs and direct access to underwriters.


We are committed to helping you grow your business.

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We collaborate with you and offer our personalized support.

Contact a sales representative today to help grow your business!

(800) 437-7355, Oprtion 2 for Life and DI, ext. 782 for Worksite.

TIP: Please add our phone number to your contacts, so you can identify us when we call: (800) 437-7355.

Also, download FREE marketing assets and more on our Agent Forum’s Resource Library.

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NEW Occupations Eligible for DI Coverage!

Bartenders, loggers and linemen often encounter difficulties finding insurance solutions to protect their income. You can now offer these prospects disability income insurance (DI) from Illinois Mutual! Check out the list below to see if you have clients who are now eligible for DI coverage from Illinois Mutual.

The following occupations can now qualify for DI:

  • Bar owner, bar employees, bartender, wait staff

  • Boilermaker

  • Direct sales or multi-level marketing company

  • Freelance occupations: artists, authors, journalists, photographers, reporters

  • Lineman/pole climber

  • Logging laborers: bucker, chain saw timber cutter/logger, choke setter, faller, laborer, rigging slinger

  • Medical intern

  • Social media influencer, YouTube content creator, blogger

  • Zoo attendant, breeder, feeder, groomer, trainer

Call our DI sales team to get a quote for these occupations eligible for DI coverage with Illinois Mutual.

(800) 437-7355, Option 2 | [email protected]

Our New DI Occupations Flyer and DI Occupation Guide outline the details! View them now on the Agent Forum’s Resource Library.


new insurance occupations for DI flyer thumbnail
New DI Occupations Flyer (A9737)

DI occupation guide thumbnail
Disability Income Insurance Occupation Guide (A9640)

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Policy Form DI105, Disability Income Policy; Policy Form BE105, Business Expense Policy

Not available in AK, CA, DC, HI or NY. Coverage and availability may vary in other states.

For policy costs and details of coverage, limitations, exclusions and terms, contact Illinois Mutual.

If any discrepancies exist between this communication and the policy, the terms of the policy will control.

Worksite Training Videos Available Now

When it comes to worksite benefits, small business owners may not consider offering employment benefits beyond health coverage for their employees.

Help your clients understand how worksite voluntary benefits from Illinois Mutual can help grow their business. These videos can help you gain sales strategies for selling the benefits of our worksite products for small business owners.

For example, a common strategy many independent agents use is to default to one carrier for all their clients. This is usually an attempt to help streamline their business so they spend more time with clients, and less time learning new processes.

However, doing this limits your product offerings and eliminates your ability to tailor each client’s insurance solutions to their unique needs.

the benefits of Illinois Mutual's worksite products for a small business training video thumbnail

why worksite agents should write with several carriers training video thumbnail

cross selling individual products to worksite clients training video thumbnail

These videos will help you understand this concept and more! Check it out yourself!

Worksite One-Time Guaranteed Issue Offering

Groups of 10 or more, which originally had effective dates in 2019, 2020, and 2021, now have the opportunity to offer their employees guaranteed issue options. Details and eligibility requirements can be found in our Resource Library – search form A8150 to learn more.

(800) 437-7355, ext. 782
[email protected]

new one-time guaranteed issue offering flyer thumbnail
One-Time Guaranteed Issue Parameters Flyer (A8150)

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Join Our SIWL Success!

Many families experience financial problems with unexpected expenses after the death of a loved one, such as funeral costs, medical expenses or other outstanding debts.

With Simplified Issue Whole Life (SIWL) from Illinois Mutual, your clients can easily apply for a simple and effective plan to help ensure their surviving loved ones aren’t financially burdened by expenses related to their death. Plus, simple health questions make it easy to apply, opening the door to faster underwriting decisions.

  • Cover clients 45 to 85 years of age

  • Coverage available from $5,000 to $50,000

  • All policies issued are immediate full face – no graded policies

  • Simple application process

  • Free marketing materials & videos to help you sell

  • Sell virtually with our eApps

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Use the Agent Forum, our agent portal, to maximize your efficiency and sell virtually with our eApp and electronic signatures.


If you haven’t checked out our new SIWL or are looking for more info on how to submit business, we are here for you!

(800) 437-7355, ext. 775
[email protected]

Policy Form LWL18NI, Whole Life Insurance Policy; Policy Form LSPWL18NI, Single Premium Whole Life Insurance Policy

Not available in AK, DC, HI, MT or NY. Coverage and availability may vary in other states.

For policy costs and details of coverage, limitations, exclusions and terms, contact Illinois Mutual.

If any discrepancies exist between this communication and the policy, the terms of the policy will control.

Updates from Underwriting

Underwriting Medical Risk

Illinois Mutual keeps its promises to pay eligible claims to our policyowners by working with agents to properly identify and manage risk during the underwriting process. To assist with agents’ field underwriting, the following table provides a high-level underwriting overview of acceptable and unacceptable medical risk.

Please refer to the information within our agent guides on the Agent Forum’s Resource Library (search form A5806 – Life Agent Guide, and form A9641 – DI Medical Guide) for more detailed information.

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Complete physical and mental well-being; in good health, absence of disease or infirmity.

  • Prudent preventive medical care, compliance and follow-up
  • Without extraordinary risk of premature death or disability
green checkmark icon



Managing disease or infirmity to achieve and maintain physical and mental well-being.

  • Up front disclosure of all medical information
  • Established clinical diagnosis of the medical condition(s)
  • Prudent medical care, compliance and follow up
  • Full recovery* or stability and control, indicating favorable prognosis
  • Well managed, uncomplicated extraordinary risk of premature death or disability
green checkmark icon



Lacking physical and mental well-being; in poor health, disease or infirmity-stricken.

  • Medical information non-disclosure
  • Material and unexplained symptoms, disorders or abnormal diagnostic test results
  • Pending clinical assessment, diagnosis or diagnostic evaluation
  • Lack of medical condition stability and control, indicating unfavorable prognosis
  • Inability to return to the usual and customary activities of daily life without restrictions or limitations
  • Extra premium ratings more than Table P 400% (Life), 200% (DI) or multiple exclusion of coverage riders
  • Disabilities lasting six months or more within three years of application (DI)
  • Recommended, contemplated or pending surgery
  • Medical noncompliance or self-treating and medicating
  • Insufficiently managed, complicated, extraordinary risk of premature death or disability
red X icon


*Full recovery means medical condition resolution and return to usual and customary activities of daily life without material restrictions or limitations. Continued existence of, treatment for (to include maintenance), or residual complications from a medical condition is not considered a full recovery.

Mutual Updates

2022 Key Year-End Processing Dates



December 9, 2022

Last day to receive an ‘in good order’ application to be completed for year end.

Note: If information is missing, adverse information is disclosed/discovered or requirements are pending due to age, amount or for cause, the case cannot be guaranteed for year end. While we will continue processing applications through 12/30/22, we cannot guarantee applications received after this date will be approved or placed in force for 2022.

December 16, 2022

All final, pre-issue underwriting requirements must be received.

December 21, 2022

All post-issue underwriting requirements must be received and completed in full (premium, illustrations, amendments, etc.).

December 30, 2022

Last day business can be placed in force for 2022.



December 19, 2022

All ‘in good order’ applications received by 12/19/22 will be given a 1/1/23 effective date and will be guaranteed to be on the group’s invoice.

We cannot guarantee that any applications received after this date for a 1/1/23 effective date will appear on the group’s invoice. We will guarantee that this business will be issued by 12/30/22.

December 22, 2022

For the business to appear on the January invoice for the group, all pending requirements must be received by 12/22/22. We will guarantee that this business will be issued by 12/30/22.

December 30, 2022

Last day business can be placed in force for 2022.

Banking Holidays


December 26, 2022

Due to the banking holiday on 12/26/22, any 12/23/22 commissions will be delayed a day.

January 2, 2023

Due to the banking holiday on 1/2/23, any 12/30/22 commissions will be delayed a day.

Quarterly Incentives Available!

Ask our sales team how you can qualify for an extra bonus with quarterly incentives for selling Life, DI and Worksite!

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(800) 437-7355, Option 2