LIAM – Celebrating 20 years of Life Insurance Awareness Month!

LIAM – Celebrating 20 years of Life Insurance Awareness Month!

Message from the President & Chairperson

It’s hard to believe that we are over halfway through 2023! This year has been busy, and in many ways, we are just getting started. In this issue, you will get a glimpse of our all-new disability income insurance program for starting professionals. I am so excited for this program that is intended to serve individuals who are just beginning their careers.

As we look forward to the rest of the year, Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) will celebrate its 20th anniversary in September! This is such an important event at Illinois Mutual, and we love taking the opportunity to reaffirm the important role that life insurance plays in a person’s financial picture and future. There’s no better time to talk to your clients about protecting more of Life’s Moments, no matter how big or small, with life insurance.

Also in this issue, you will read about the new Guaranteed Issue Term Life eligibility guidelines as part of our Worksite offering, as well as how to start conversations with small business owners about combining disability income insurance (DI) and business expense insurance (BE).

Thank you for all your hard work so far this year. We know that in this industry, agents have so many carriers to choose from, and we are honored that you continue to choose Illinois Mutual.

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Katie M. Jenkins
President & Chairperson

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Connect logoYour Business to Your Clients

Still using paper and pen for applications? Try eApps!

Electronic applications offer speed, simplicity and accuracy for you and your clients. The design of the application ensures that required forms are filled out prior to submission.


  1. Go to

  2. Click “Agent Resources” in the menu, near the top right.

  3. Click “Log in to the Agent Portal.”

  4. Enter your email and password.

  5. Go to “Illustrations & Applications.”

  6. Start an Application.
    You can select “Create Application” on the left menu, or start an application from a previous or new illustration that you run. If you use an illustration, information from the illustration will automatically pull to the application.

  7. Ensure your popup blockers are turned off as they may prevent you from seeing important documents that you need to review in the application process.

    • As you navigate through the application, pay attention to complete all required fields.

    • During the application process, you’ll be prompted to move forward with Part B questions (medical questions), or you can skip this section. Skipping Part B means your client will receive a phone call from our vendor, who will ask these questions via telephone.

  8. Signatures can be collected with multiple options.
    If your client is with you in the office, signatures can be collected on-screen with a computer mouse or stylus. If your client is not in person, you can send an email to collect signatures at a later time.

  9. Once the last signature is completed, you may submit the final signatures by using the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.

Look at Guaranteed Issue Term Life for Your Next Case!

Our new underwriting guidelines for worksite term life mean more of your employer groups could be eligible for guaranteed issue coverage, when participation requirements are met.

Learn more about Illinois Mutual’s Worksite product underwriting guidelines with our Worksite product quick reference guide. Download it on our Agent Portal’s Resource Library today!

image of worksite product quick reference guide A8042

Worksite Product Quick Reference Guide

image of construction workers at a job site

Guaranteed issue coverage means employees can get worksite insurance coverage regardless of their answers to medical questions.

Smaller groups often experience difficulties finding guaranteed issue options for their employees. Illinois Mutual is proud to help fill this niche with insurance solutions for employers with between 3 and 250+ employees.

Attracting and retaining employees is key to a business, and with Illinois Mutual’s worksite voluntary benefits, you can can help employers offer their employees more insurance options.

We can help you offer employees worksite term life insurance and more at no direct cost to business owners!

Your Worksite sales team can help you find your next group!

Plus, ask how you can earn more with our Q3 worksite Bonus Boost!

(800) 437-7355, Option 2
[email protected]

DI + BE = Starting the Conversation with Small Business Owners

Consider your clients who are owners of a small business. They are always on the clock, always on the search for ways to protect their business. With our experience in the middle market, Illinois Mutual is the right company to help protect their dreams.

In the event of an illness or an injury that leaves small business owners disabled and unable to work, our DI + BE insurance can each help with different day-to-day individual and business expenses, like mortgage/rent, utilities and groceries. And with the addition of the Return of Premium (ROP) Rider, your clients have coverage if they need it and money back if they don’t.

image of guide A79703

DI + BE + ROP = Good Business

image of guide A9719

Presenting DI and BE to Small Business Owners

There’s still time to BOOST your Q3 earnings by 20%!

Ask your DI sales team for eligibility details.

(800) 437-7355, Option 2
[email protected]

Policy Form DI105, Disability Income Policy; Policy Form BE105, Business Expense Policy; Policy Form 9266, Return of Premium Rider

Life Insurance Awareness Month is Here!

Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) is an industrywide campaign coordinated by Life Happens* each September to help spread awareness of the importance of life insurance and the impact it can have on a family’s financial future.

You can use this heightened awareness and the complimentary sales materials we offer during LIAM, and beyond, to help your clients better understand their need for life insurance coverage and what it can mean or the loved ones they may leave behind.

image of guide A5700


image of guide A5701


Our Planning Guide (A5701) and corresponding Resource Guide (A5700) can help you plan and execute your very own successful LIAM campaign. The Resource Guide lists marketing tools—from stuffers and pre-approach letters and emails to downloadable flyers and social media posts—to help you expand your reach to more prospects and clients!

*Illinois Mutual is a member of Life Happens.

We realize the campaign to raise awareness about the value life insurance needs to be an ongoing one. So, we invite you to use the Resource Library on the Agent Portal at, to explore our powerful consumer-focused life insurance materials all year to support you as you help your clients secure the life-changing coverage they need

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There’s still time to BOOST your Q3 earnings by 20%!

Ask your Life sales team for eligibility details.

Call us today for a quote, and let us complete an illustration for you.

(800) 437-7355, Option 2 • [email protected]

Compliance Corner

Uphold the Spirit of the Law

As an insurance professional, you know that you must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. You take continuing education classes and fulfill other requirements as needed to keep your agent license up to date. You do your best to stay current with regulations addressing customer privacy, product suitability, record-keeping, gift-giving and many more topics.

Many laws that affect our industry were enacted to ensure fair treatment of customers and fair competition in the marketplace, and our Company’s Core Values reflect our commitment to ethical business practices. At Illinois Mutual, we believe upholding the law encompasses not only complying with the “letter of the law” but also embracing the “spirit of the law.” As we work to fulfill our mission to help people achieve and safeguard their financial security, we strive to act with integrity and honesty in all our business activities.

Recently Illinois Mutual’s Home Office employees took part in our 10th annual Compliance Awareness Week. This year’s theme— “Right Thing… Right Time… All the Time!”—focused on the Company’s Code of Business Conduct.

image of the ROC 2023 logo

In keeping with that theme, here are a few tips for you, our valued agent:

  • Be familiar with applicable statutes and regulations. If you are licensed in more than one state, remember that different states sometimes have different legal requirements.
  • Put your clients’ needs first. Always explain how a product works before you make the sale, and recognize that some products aren’t the best fit for everyone. Take time to answer any questions your clients may have.
  • Don’t promise things you can’t deliver—for example, a specific underwriting outcome or a definitive timetable for processing claims that have not yet been approved.
  • Respect your clients’ privacy. Unless your client authorizes you to do so, don’t use an existing client’s name to advertise your services to a potential new client. Also, don’t share information you learn about a client during the application process with anyone else, which could be a violation of privacy laws.
  • Contact your Home Office Sales Team if you have questions related to Illinois Mutual business practices. If you have concerns that you would prefer to discuss confidentially, call the Illinois Mutual Hotline at (800) 437-7355, ext. 447.

Remember, at times, upholding the spirit of the law may mean doing more than just complying with the literal words of the written law. Often, though, it is just good customer service!

Mutual Updates

DI Coverage Now Available for Starting Professionals!

Illinois Mutual now offers disability income insurance (DI) coverage to individuals who are near completion of apprenticeships, licensing or accredited certification programs.

image of worksite product quick reference guide A8042


Contact your DI sales team today!

(800) 437-7355, Option 2 • [email protected]

Digital Tools to Help You Sell

We have gathered digital and remote tools to help you sell in a virtual environment.

image of a laptop and a hand holding a cell phone

For helpful guides and video demos, as well as our downloadable Digital Tools to Help You Sell flyer (A7101), visit:

Quarterly Incentives Available

Ask your sales team if you qualify for our Life, DI and Worksite quarterly bonuses!

(800) 437-7355, Option 2

Agent Best Practices Forums

Learn key DI sales strategies directly from other successful independent agents!

View the Agent Best Practices Forums by selecting DI On-Demand Webinars at:

"It is amazing that Illinois Mutual is a fifth-generation family-run company. The longevity of the company speaks to the succession plan that is in place and most importantly, how they treat people."

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