Say “I Love You” With Insurance!

Say “I Love You” With Insurance!

Message from the President & Chairperson

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2024, I want to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work throughout 2023. We have the best team in the business, and we couldn’t serve our policyowners without you!

This January and February, the “Insure Your Love” campaign returns and reminds us about the people who matter most. When you consider a client’s motivation to purchase insurance, look no further than your own desire to care for your family. Visit our Agent Portal to learn more about the incentives you can earn by helping your clients insure their love!

Speaking of our Agent Portal , when was the last time you logged in? Maybe you haven’t created an account? In this issue, we will be giving a quick refresher on all the benefits our Agent Portal can provide.

Also highlighted in this issue is our brand-new video for worksite insurance! We are especially proud of this video; it is the perfect way to begin your journey if you are interested in expanding your client offerings.

Here’s to a successful 2024!

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Katie M. Jenkins
President & Chairperson

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Agent Portal: Tips to Help You Sell

Have you logged into your portal lately?

If you aren’t using our Agent Portal, you may be working harder than necessary.

Here are some tips to let the Agent Portal work for you:

  1. Create an illustration—it will directly transfer all the client information into an application!
  2. Once the application is submitted, you can track the status of your client’s underwriting process!
  3. Manage your commissions and learn about opportunities to earn more and qualify for other incentives.

Registering for the Agent Portal is easy!

image of electronic devices

Go to

Click “Sign Up” on the login page, and then choose “I am an Agent”. You will then receive a registration link via email with further instructions.

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Your Business to Your Clients – Use eApps!

Learn the benefits and process of using eApps with Illinois Mutual by scanning the QR code or visiting the URL below.

Contact Your Sales Team With Questions:

(800) 437-7355, Option 2
[email protected]

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New Agent Training Video

Interested in getting started with worksite? This video can help!

Worksite voluntary benefits are additional employment benefits you can help business owners offer their employees at no direct cost to the business. Selling to a worksite group can quickly introduce you to many new prospective clients by talking to just one business owner.

This video gives an overview of the process for writing worksite voluntary benefits with Illinois Mutual, as well as some tips for you to keep in mind when taking applications so you can be ready to write your first worksite case.

image of our worksite enrollment tips video

Use EasyAppsOnline to streamline your business.

Illinois Mutual accepts electronic applications through the EasyAppsOnline enrollment platform. Using the EasyAppsOnline portal helps your case go more smoothly by requiring all necessary fields, resulting in more complete applications and faster decisions, compared to paper apps.

Applications submitted through EasyAppsOnline are more easily processed, so integrating EasyAppsOnline into your employee enrollment process is one way to help streamline your worksite business with Illinois Mutual.

Your Worksite sales team can help you find your next case!

Ask your Worksite sales team for details!

(800) 437-7355, Option 2
[email protected]

Supplement Your Commissions by Adding DI to Your Product Offering!

The new year is the perfect time to add disability income insurance (DI) from Illinois Mutual to your client offering!

We offer many selling opportunities with a wide range of occupations! We are now offering DI to starting professionals to further serve the middle market. Cross selling DI to your P&C clients can help increase your customer retention and also supplement your commissions.

Check out these flyers to help you reach starting professionals!

image of flyer A9746

image of flyer C9751

"Our new DI offering for Starting Professionals is a way to help prospective clients in middle market occupations take their first step to securing their financial future. This is such an exciting opportunity for our agents as a new way for them to expand and grow their business."

portrait photo of Andrea Schaidle

Andrea Schaidle
Assistant Vice President,
DI Sales

Ask your DI sales team for details!

(800) 437-7355, Option 2
[email protected]

Policy Form DI105, Disability Income Policy

Not available in AK, CA, DC, HI, NM or NY. Coverage and availability may vary in other states.

For costs and details of coverage, limitations, exclusions and terms, contact Illinois Mutual.If any discrepancies exist between this communication and the policy, the terms of the policy will control.

Illinois Mutual, its agents and representatives may not give legal or tax advice. An independent tax advisor should be consulted regarding individual circumstances.

Say “I Love You” with Life Insurance!

Love comes in many forms, but one of the greatest gifts anyone can give to their loved ones is financial security. Take advantage of this year’s Insure Your Love* campaign with sales and incentive opportunities, including bonuses for every qualified application.

Show your clients how they can help safeguard their loved ones with life insurance and income protection—the cornerstones of a solid financial plan for families.

Take advantage of our Insure Your Love bonus opportunity!

Contact your Life or DI sales team for details and eligibility requirements.

Happy family together

Insure Your Love Marketing Materials Just for You!

We’ve created a planning guide for agents to start the conversation with customers about protecting their loved ones with life insurance and DI.

image of Insure Your Love
Planning Guide for DI A9727

Insure Your Love Planning Guide for DI

image of Insure Your Love
Planning Guide for Life A5715

Insure Your Love Planning Guide for Life

Log in to the Agent Portal at and visit the Resource Library to download and order complimentary Insure Your Love sales tools today!

Contact your Life and DI sales team for more information.

*Insure Your Love is an industrywide event coordinated by Life Happens. Illinois Mutual is a member of Life Happens.

Compliance Corner

Submit Advertising Materials for Approval

Many marketing tools are available to you at no charge on the Agent Portal, and we encourage you to use them! However, we realize that sometimes you may wish to create custom materials. We can support those efforts, too!

Please remember as you develop your advertising campaign that any sales material not originating from Illinois Mutual that promotes Illinois Mutual or our products and services, or that uses our logo, must be submitted in writing to our Marketing Communication and Research Department (MCR) for review and approval prior to publication and distribution. This applies to advertising of all types – including but not limited to print publications, TV and radio, websites, social media and direct mail. We will strive to meet your deadlines. Approved advertising may be used for two years, unless we notify you otherwise.

This review and approval process benefits us both and ensures that pieces comply with laws requiring that insurance products be described fairly and accurately. Unapproved use of the Illinois Mutual name or logo could result in termination of your agent agreement. Some violations could result in personal liability and loss of your insurance license. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with your state’s advertising regulations.

For more information about Illinois Mutual’s advertising review process, please contact our Marketing, Communications and Research (MCR) department at [email protected].

Expense Allocation Method for Life Illustrations

At Illinois Mutual, one of the tools available to help agents explain our products and comply with state illustration regulations is our illustration software. You can use it to run illustrations to be signed by you and your client and then submitted to Illinois Mutual along with the application. The expense allocation method Illinois Mutual uses in its life insurance illustrations is the Generally Recognized Expense Table (GRET).

Our illustration software runs on major web browsers, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and is accessible in the Agent Portal on our website at For assistance with illustrations and running quotes on our website, contact our Life sales team at (800) 437-7355, Option 2 or [email protected].

Mutual Updates

Agent Best Practices Forums

Learn key DI sales strategies directly from other successful independent agents!

View the Agent Best Practices Forums by selecting DI On-Demand Webinars at:

Higher Commissions are Within Sight: Look at Your Network!

Agent Doug Shellabarger makes the case to leverage relationships within your professional network to open more doors and increase commissions.

image of agent Doug Shellabarger

Agent Doug Shellabarger

To hear more about how he does this, visit:

Quarterly Incentives Available

Ask your sales team if you qualify for our Life, DI and Worksite quarterly bonuses!

(800) 437-7355, Option 2

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Digital Tools to Help You Sell

We have gathered digital and remote tools to help you sell in a virtual environment.

laptop and cell phone image

To learn more, visit for helpful guides and video demos. While you are there, download our Digital Tools to Help You Sell flyer (A7101).

Contact your sales team for more sales strategies:

(800) 437-7355, Option 2
[email protected]