Tips for Taking Worksite Applications

Tips for Taking Worksite Applications

Connectemployees with worksite benefits

This page gives you an overview of the process for quoting and enrolling a worksite group with Illinois Mutual, as well as some tips to help your cases be processed smoothly.

When enrolling employees, we recommend submitting apps electronically, through EasyApps Online. Using this portal helps your case underwriting go more smoothly by requiring all necessary fields, resulting in more complete applications and faster decisions compared to paper apps.

If you intend to use paper applications, here are some tips to help your cases go quickly.

  1. Be sure to answer the replacement question for each worksite product the employee is applying for.
  2. All demographic information must be complete and accurate. If one person is applying for several types of coverage, ensure that their name is listed the exact same way on all applications.
  3. Don’t forget to include apartment numbers in addresses.
  4. At least one primary beneficiary must be named.
  5. It’s smart to have a client answer medical questions even if you know the case will be guaranteed issue coverage. Be sure to complete the simplified issue and modified issue questions if the client is applying for higher benefit levels.
  6. Accurately indicating potential clients’ tobacco or nicotine use status is important.