President’s Message

“When times call for us to come together and get things done and be there for people, I think our true strengths really show.”

I am proud to say that 2021 was a successful year for Illinois Mutual. As we continued adapting to the new environment that the COVID-19 pandemic created, we leaned more into the things that help us stay prepared for the future while adaptable to ever-changing needs. Agile thinking, collaboration, digital transformation and more played a significant role in how we approached 2021, which allowed us to maintain our focus on caring for people and providing the quality service we’ve had since our founding over 100 years ago.

Illinois Mutual accomplished so much in 2021, from our technological enhancements and updated processes, to continued investment in company culture and a reaffirmation of our dedication to inclusion and belonging. Our financial strength remained firm in 2021 as well, proving our ability to stay steady and unwavering when the waters are still choppy. All of this was achievable through the actions of the employees and agents who stand by our commitment to our policyowners, who trust us with their financial futures and remained strong and committed to their dreams and financial goals despite the uncertainty of our world.


I am much like the generations of McCords before me: I recognize the value that meaningful relationships and supportive environments provide to our employees and customers alike. It’s an honor to lead a Company of hardworking individuals who join me in the mission to genuinely improve people’s lives. 2021 confirmed that Illinois Mutual truly does thrive because of the compassion, empathy and respect held by our team, our policyowners and our agents. I am beyond grateful for all the work done and the trust given, and I look forward to providing the Illinois Mutual experience they deserve for years to come.

Katie M. Jenkins

Katie M. Jenkins
President & Chairperson