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Who We Are

Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company, based in Peoria, Illinois, has been a provider of insurance and financial solutions for 110 years. Ours is a family business: not only have we been a family-operated company since our beginnings, but we see our policyowners, our agents and our employees as family—individuals connected by a passion for helping others and a respect for the uniqueness of each other’s lives.

We are a mutual company. This means our goal isn’t to make money for shareholders, but to ensure our assets are managed for the direct benefit of our policyowners—we maintain high expectations for financial strength so that we can confidently support our policyowners when they need us most. The values by which we operate are rooted in this belief that our priority is, always has been, and always will be the people we serve.


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What We Do

We pride ourselves in understanding our policyowners’ goals and commitments. Everyone at Illinois Mutual relates to the desire to provide for our families and make sure they’ll be taken care of if hardship arises. Whether the need is life insurance, disability insurance, or worksite insurance, we ground our business in honesty, service quality, fiscal responsibility, and genuine respect for every individual at every touchpoint.

Compassionately delivering financial products to hardworking Americans in the middle market means offering flexible plans that allow our policyowners to tailor their policies to their individual situations. Then the rest of the work is done by the Illinois Mutual team, providing exceptional customer service, agent support, and product innovation to ensure the people we serve from all walks of life are always cared for.

Why We Do It

At Illinois Mutual, we embrace the idea that we are the very people we are for: the family providers and the dedicated workers. Like our policyowners, we also prioritize our financial stability in order to plan for the future to weather life’s challenges. As such, our duty isn’t just to deliver exceptional service, but to relate to those who depend on us in order to fulfill their financial needs.

We are compelled to put people first—we choose, every day, to help our policyowners put their worries at ease so they can enjoy the things that truly matter most.

Our Mission:
We help people achieve and safeguard their financial security.

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In the Community

We mean it when we say we are the people we serve, and that’s reflected in our dedication to giving back to the community we’ve been a part of for over 100 years.

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