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31 October 2022

New Insurable Occupations for DI

Illinois Mutual takes pride in providing financial solutions and insurance coverage to our middle-market clients.

We see the changing trends in the workforce—so we’ve added the ability to offer disability income insurance (DI) to potential clients who work in the following occupations:

  • Bar owner, bar employees, bartender, wait staff
  • Boilermaker
  • Direct sales or multi-level marketing company
  • Freelance occupations: artists, authors, journalists, photographers, reporters
  • Lineman/pole climber
  • Logging laborers: bucker, chain saw timber cutter/logger, choke setter, faller, laborer, rigging slinger
  • Medical intern
  • Social media influencer, YouTube content creator, blogger
  • Zoo attendant, breeder, feeder, groomer, trainer

a picture of a bartender, medical intern and a photographer

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