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    Regular Check-Ins with Clients can Boost Your Earning Potential

    Having annual check-ins with clients is not only good for them, it’s good for you.
  • running stretching on a boardwalk by the shore

    Caring for Yourself

    Taking time to focus on yourself sometimes feels like a luxury, but you should treat it as a necessity.
  • young girl in a halloween outfit

    Be Safe This Spooky Season

    Remember to keep the frights on the fun side by following these reminders.
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    Don't Forget Your Annual Insurance Check-Up

    Taking the time to do an annual insurance coverage review keeps you a step ahead of any issues that may arise.
  • mature couple meeting with an insurance agent

    Your Insurance Agent Meeting Checklist

    Wherever you happen to be in life, an insurance coverage review is a wise decision.
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    What Does the Mutual Mean in Illinois Mutual Insurance

    At Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company, we don’t answer to the stock market.
  • lifeguard looking over pool

    Life Lessons from Lifeguards

    We might only pay attention to lifeguards when they blow their whistles, but there’s a lot we can take away from the duties of their post.
  • happy married couple standing on a pier

    Loving Things to Do as Newlyweds

    So you’ve found the love of your life—congratulations! Somewhere in between the blur of cake tastings and writing thank-you notes, remember to make a to-do list for your financial well-being.
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    Smart Strategies to Protect Your Business

    Smart insurance planning means protection from financial disaster.
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    Five Ways to Lower Your Insurance Premium

    Here are five ways you can think like an insurance provider and lower your insurance premium, pronto.
  • young family loading moving boxes into a car

    Coverage Review

    Your life keeps changing. So should your insurance coverage.
  • mature man working at desk on finances

    Budget Mistakes

    Sleep well at night by avoiding these five common budget mistakes.
  • mother and daughter talking on couch

    Family Conversation

    When is the last time you talked about your insurance plan with your family? If you’re assuming that you should just take care of it yourself and avoid the conversation, think again.
  • husband and wife looking at paperwork together

    Recession-Proof Your Finances

    With a possible recession looming, now is a good time to make sure you can weather the financial storm. Below are some tips to help you avoid being blindsided in case of an income-interrupting event.
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    Are All of Your Financial Affairs in Order?

    Getting all your financial affairs in order so that you can be prepared for an emergency is crucial.