Message from our President, Katie McCord Jenkins

Illinois Mutual continues to work diligently to provide you with reassurance and quality service as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. View our latest video from Company President Katie McCord Jenkins, or read a transcript of the video below.

Hello everyone. A few months ago, COVID-19 began to impact the world in ways we never could have predicted. As people took necessary steps to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy, businesses took on the challenge of remaining consistent, reachable, and dependable while navigating unfamiliar territory. Illinois Mutual was no different.

We’ve approached this crisis like others in our 110-year history: by prioritizing people, and ensuring that whatever we do, we remain a touchstone of assurance when so many aspects of our world are uncertain.

Our persistence, resilience and willingness to adapt serve us well during times like these. We are pushing forward with our technology innovation efforts. We are closely monitoring all parts of the business to protect our strong financial position.

And while we are approaching our growth with a rational mindset, we are also prioritizing compassion. From bringing employees back to the home office with care, to creating tools that help policyowners and agents better interact with us, to contributing to the amazing efforts of local charities and community organizations—every part of our approach to business is, as always, rooted in understanding what people need, and determining how we can best deliver on our promise to serve.

We’re in awe of the devotion shown by people across the nation who are stepping up every day to provide essential services and care for others. The Illinois Mutual team and I stand with these individuals as well as all those who are responsible and accountable for those who depend on them.

Despite the changes and uncertainty of this time in history, rest assured Illinois Mutual will remain a steadfast presence for those we serve in the months and, of course, years to come.

Thank you and stay safe.

Katie M. Jenkins

Katie M. Jenkins
President & Chairperson

COVID-19 Update:
Notice About Automated Mailings

While we are working with policyowners who are having trouble making payments due to financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, our automated policy notices and contractual mailings will continue to go out as normal. Therefore, you may receive communications reflecting regular contract/policy timing and premium amounts due, even if you have already contacted us and are receiving temporary payment assistance.

Please reach out to our Policy Services team for any questions or concerns regarding temporary assistance or an automated premium notice you may have received. Contact information is available below.

COVID-19 Consumer Alert

In this unprecedented time, we’re here for you. Be reassured we are doing everything needed to be open for business, and our priority right now is to continue providing exceptional service. At this time, we do not anticipate any major service disruptions, and we will do our best to answer the questions that are understandably arising.

In response to the national state of emergency declared on 3-13-2020, concerning the COVID-19 we are evaluating potential COVID-19 related claims in accordance with the provisions of the policy. We are unable to determine any liability on claims until they are submitted and all facts reviewed. Should you have any questions regarding a possible claim, please contact us to discuss your policy.

We are continuing to actively monitor news and updates from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.* In times of uncertainty, our Company stability proves to be the foundation that allows us to continue to support you—our agents and policyowners.

We know that everyone has a different story, and each situation is unique. If you have questions regarding your specific circumstance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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*The above information outlines our position at this time and is subject to change in light of new information received from federal and/or state governments. Please continue to check regularly for updates as new regulations or information may be released that will be reflected here.

Last updated 9/3/2020