The Family Path™ Solution

Designed for those who want to be sure their family has financial protection if the unexpected were to happen.

The Home Path™ Solution

Created for those who want to provide their family with the opportunity to stay in their home if something happens to them.

The Retirement Path™ Solution

Developed for those who want to ensure their family has funds if the unexpected were to happen during their working years.

Fast, Simple, Seamless® Life Insurance

One way to put your money to work for you is by reallocating funds that are not needed for other purposes to a Single Premium Whole Life policy from Illinois Mutual.

Business Uses of Life Insurance

See how a buy-sell agreement could help protect your business - and how key person life insurance could help attract and retain talent.


Have Enough Life Insurance?


Illinois Mutual Testimonials

Meet Long: Life Policyowner

Life insurance is a meaningful and powerful gift of love that Long has selected to protect what he cherishes the most — family.

Meet Linda: Life Policyowner

Linda is a dedicated foster mom who has taken the extra step to adopt five children. She wants to make sure her children are protected.