The Home Path™ Solution

Created for those who want to provide their family with the opportunity to stay in their home if something happens to them.

Path Protector Plus Term Life Insurance: The Home Path  solution

With experience in the life insurance industry for over 100 years, Illinois Mutual understands the financial goals behind many life insurance purchases. With Path Protector Plus Term Life, you have the flexibility to create your own protection path based on your specific needs and those of your family. For many people the decision to purchase life insurance starts with a goal of protecting their loved ones.

To keep it simple, we have developed a Home Path Solution geared toward those who want to provide their family with the opportunity to stay in their home if something unexpected were to happen.

When you select the Home Path Solution, premiums are guaranteed level for your initial term period, and you can choose between a 15 or 30 year term period. The policy may be renewed after that initial term period at annually increasing rates until age 95. Also included are an accidental death benefit, if underwriting guidelines are met, a terminal illness accelerated death benefit, and a conversion option.

Let's look at an example: Adam, age 26, and Jenny, age 24, have just moved into a new home together. They now have a $150,000 mortgage to think about and want to ensure that, if something were to happen to one of them, the other would not lose the home due to inability to make mortgage payments. Using the Home Path Solution, Adam and Jenny can acquire two 30-year Path Protector Plus Term Life Policies with $150,000 death benefits naming each other as beneficiary to match the 30-year $150,000 mortgage they have on their house for a combined monthly premium of $30.85.

Unlike mortgage credit insurance where the face amount decreases as your mortgage decreases, the face amount of Path Protector Plus Term Life remains at full value, allowing your survivors to pay off the mortgage and still have funds available for other expenses. They can find peace of mind in knowing that, if one of them were to die, the other would receive the death benefit and be able to pay off the mortgage.

Find your peace of mind today by securing coverage that can provide your loved ones with the opportunity to stay in their home should anything happen to you.