Enhance Your Benefit Offerings at No Direct Cost to You

At no direct cost to the employer, our Worksite products allow you to offer additional benefits to your employees, without affecting your bottom line.

Enhance your benefit offerings at no direct cost to you. Business owners know that having good employees at every level is what keeps their business successful. Today's talented workforce is looking for extra employment benefits that will make an employer stand out.

At no direct cost to the employer, Illinois Mutual's Worksite Product Portfolio gives you a competitive edge. You can offer additional, attractive benefits to your employees without affecting your bottom line. Our Worksite Employer Portal makes it convenient for you to work with us on your own time. Through this portal your billing staff can view, pay, and reconcile your employees Worksite premium payments entirely online. You can also edit your employee’s information, such as employment status, effective date, deduction amount, and more.

When your employees have peace of mind, your company has space to thrive. Help protect it, and your employees, by speaking with an Illinois Mutual agent today.