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Dec 06, 2022

Wellness Benefit Rider Helps You Stay Proactive

Did you know that the Wellness Benefit Rider, available at an additional cost for worksite accident and critical illness policies, gives policyowners a monetary benefit for completing eligible health screening tests? *The benefit is available in $50 increments up to $200 for worksite accident insurance, and up to $150 for worksite critical illness insurance.

Submitting annual Wellness Benefit Rider claims can help pay for the cost of certain health screening tests once per year. Being proactive with your health screening tests means you can detect some medical issues earlier – helping you to manage some of life’s unexpected medical challenges.

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*Covered screening tests may vary by state. The Wellness Benefit Rider does not meet the Minimum Essential Coverage Requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Policy Form WSA07, Voluntary Accident Policy; Policy Form 9243, Wellness Benefit Rider; Policy Form WC14, Voluntary Critical Illness Policy.

If the Accident Policy and Critical Illness policy are both applied for, the Wellness Benefit Rider will only be available on one policy.

Voluntary Accident Policy not available in AK, CT, DC, HI, NH, NM, and NY. Wellness Benefit Rider not available in CA, GA, MA, MI, NJ, UT, VA, and WA.

Voluntary Critical Illness Policy not available in AZ, CA, CT, AK, DC, GA, HI, MA, MN, MT, NH, NJ, NM, NY , UT, and VA. Wellness Benefit Rider not available in MI.

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