Agent Portal Advantages

Agent Portal Advantages

Connect with online resources

Already familiar with the Agent Portal? Maybe you could use a refresher on the array of tools at your disposal. With this portal, you may already be familiar with running client illustrations, accessing client and commission information and signing up for electronic funds transfer (EFT). In addition, you can find hundreds of free marketing materials you can email to your clients, watch webinars with new sales concepts, generate leads from your own website with our Get a Quote web tool, and so much more. See this video for a walkthrough of all the useful aspects of our Agent Portal.

To Access the Agent Portal

  1. Go to

  2. Click the “Agents” link near the top right of the page.

  3. Click “Log In/Register.”

  4. Enter your username and password.

Home tab

  • The “Agent Action Items” section allows you to stay up-to-date on the status of your pending applications. Under the appropriate product line, click on the green number to take you to the application details.

    • If you need to reach out to the underwriter, simply click on the email address in the box near the bottom of the screen, and it will automatically populate into an email for you, if you use Outlook. Otherwise, you can copy and paste the email address into your preferred email platform.

    • If you click on the application number, a window will pop up providing you with additional details and progress of the application.

    • On this screen, you can view outstanding and completed requirements. Items indicated with a 1 are outstanding, and those with a 2 have been completed.

My Production tab

  • The “My Production” section allows you to dig deeper into pending or inforce policy information for yourself or any of your downline agents.

Illustrations & Applications

  • To begin or edit an illustration, click on this tab and use the left menu to navigate. Check out our other videos for an in-depth walkthrough of the illustration process.

Resource Library

  • To review our free marketing materials and other resources, click on the “Resource Library” link located near the top right of the Agent Portal homepage.

  • The Resource Library allows you to access Illinois Mutual's marketing materials, product guides, required applications forms, and more. We encourage our agents to contact our sales team to talk through what sales concepts may be right for your situation.