Be Safe this Spooky Season (and throughout the year)

Ghost, goblins, princesses, pirates … who knows who is going to be knocking on your door come October 31st. It’s a spooky season, but remember to keep the frights on the fun side by following these reminders.

young girl in a halloween outfit

Halloween safety tips:

  1. Don’t let your trick-or-treaters go out alone.

    The buddy system is the best system. It’s true for witches and superheroes too.

  2. Make sure costumes don’t make anyone disappear.

    Even ghosts and wearers of invisibility cloaks need to be noticeable by traffic driving by.

  3. Avoid masks that limit visibility.

    A zombie’s bandages shouldn’t block his or her vision.

  4. Don’t go inside strangers’ houses (whether made of candy or otherwise).

    It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s worth the reminder.

  5. Remember the witching hour comes early on October 31st.

    There’s no need to wait until it’s pitch dark for the fun to begin.

Halloween is just one more time of the year that your family needs you to keep them safe, whether you’re walking your kids around the neighborhood or balancing the festivity of the night with their sugar intake.

Remember that your family’s well-being also falls to you when it comes to financial security.

  1. What would your family do if you were to become totally disabled?

  2. Would they be financially comfortable if you were to suffer a major illness or worse?

  3. Would they be able to cover existing expenses like your mortgage, loans, and other debts?

Yes, some of these questions can feel a little scary, but it’s the season for scary things.

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