The Future Looks Bright

You're looking forward to your retirement, but are you doing it right? You should consider reviewing your insurance coverage.

elderly couple embracing

You're looking forward to your retirement, but are you doing it right? Like most things in life, you'll get the most from retirement by planning, and there is no better time than now to start. You should also consider reviewing your insurance coverage to be sure it supports your long-term goals. Illinois Mutual can help you assess your future financial needs and recommend solutions to make sure that your retirement is enjoyable and worry free.

Disability Insurance

Your income is one of your most valuable assets, and the loss of your income could mean a drastic change in lifestyle for those who depend on it. If you were to become totally disabled and unable to work, how would you provide for your spouse or other loved ones? If you have to dip into savings now, your retirement savings will only decrease. Protect your future savings by protecting your income now.

Life Insurance

Consider what happens to your employer-sponsored insurance benefits after you retire. Unless you are eligible for continued coverage in retirement, some benefits such as life insurance may end after you stop working. If so, you need to arrange for individual coverage so you can provide a secure future for your spouse and other loved ones after you're gone.