Finding clients for worksite voluntary benefits is easier than you think

1. Start with your daily routine.

Opportunities to build your client base are all around you. You can easily turn your to-do list into a client list. Sit down and think through an average weekend and what’s on your “to do” list. How many businesses do you encounter through your day-to-day routine? Your bank, your hairdresser, your mail carrier, your dentist – these are businesses, too.

collage of 3 occupations - hairdressers, mailman, dental hygienist

2. Don't forget your sphere of influence.

Once you feel like you’ve considered all the businesses you personally interact with, don’t forget your sphere of influence. Family, friends and individuals in your professional network may be likely to assist you in succeeding. Ask these individuals if they know of business owners in their local communities who are looking for ways to help improve their companies.

3. Facebook offers a search feature for its platform that is similar to a Google search.

Try performing a Facebook search for the business you may have in mind. Sometimes, an owner or key employees interact with their business with their personal Facebook account. So, this can be a great way to learn the names of the people you should try to reach.


4. If you're not using LinkedIn for prospecting, you're missing out


LinkedIn offers a paid service specifically for filling a sales pipeline, called Sales Navigator. Even without the paid service, you can search for businesses through LinkedIn and find individuals working at that company, which may lead you to the contact you need.

5. Contact your local clubs and organizations.

Your local membership organizations likely have membership directories which usually feature contact information for businesses.

You can create a relationship with these individuals by finding ways you can give value to them through advice.

Want to discuss these ideas or learn more tips? Contact our Illinois Mutual sales team and talk with a worksite account coordinator: [email protected] or (800) 437-7355, ext. 782.