Selling worksite voluntary benefits to employees

Once you’ve successfully opened the door with a business owner, it’s time to share the value of voluntary benefits to the ultimate customer – their employees.

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The first step

Talk to the employer about arranging a presentation to effectively explain the products the employer has chosen to offer, and then answer common client questions in a group format. So when you meet with individuals, you can spend more time making it personal and getting to know their needs.

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A needs analysis is key

Start with a needs analysis. Learn about the employee’s life, what coverage they might already have, and explain how you can help them close any coverage gaps. Keep in mind: Employees might not have a need for any of these products, and it’s okay to acknowledge this upfront. In fact, start the conversation this way, then go into each product and how it could potentially protect the client’s &lifestyle.

Discussing each product with potential clients

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Short Term Disability Insurance(Group or Individual)

Most people rely on their income to pay for their day-to-day expenses. Short term disability insurance (DI) provides a monthly monetary benefit intended to temporarily replace a portion of the employee’s income if they become disabled due to injury or illness and cannot work.

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The question for the employee becomes simple:

“If you didn’t have an income, how long could you support your family?”

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Note: The employer will have decided whether to offer a group and/or individual DI plan, which will make a difference in what options are available.

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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is straightforward and can serve several purposes based on the employee’s need. Potential clients likely won’t think of all the expenses their family could incur.

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Remind the employee:

If you were to pass away, your family will likely have several unexpected expenses, such as funeral costs and paying off the mortgage. Life insurance can help offset these costs.

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Accident Insurance*

Accident insurance benefits are paid directly to the policyowner after an accidental bodily injury as a result of a covered accident, and are designed to help cover copays and other out-of-pocket expenses. A real-life story or anecdote works well for selling accident insurance. An accident may seem minor, but when you add together everything, the total cost for an unexpected accident can quickly build up.

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Tell a story about yourself or a person you know who had an unexpected accident:

“When my nephew broke his leg, my sister thought the main cost of the accident would be the ambulance ride. She didn’t realize in the moment that the crutches and physical therapy cost money too. Even though she had health insurance, she could have used accident insurance to help offset some of the costs she now has to pay out of pocket.”

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Critical Illness Insurance*

This insurance benefit provides a lump sum payment upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness. Since the policyowner can freely choose how to use the lump sum, this type of insurance is great for clients who could use the money for expenses other than medical – such as rent, childcare, or a phone bill.

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Critical illnesses aren’t always top-of-mind. Ask the employee:

"Do you have any family history of heart attack or stroke?"

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Your worksite sales team is always here to talk strategy!

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