1Use Facebook’s Page Insights tool to understand your current audience. Here, you can see timelines of your page likes, post reach and engagement, among other statistics.

2Facebook also has a tool you can use to check the proportion of text to image in your post or ad. An image with more text may reach a slightly lower audience.

  • Facebook’s algorithm self-reportedly prefers ad images with little or no text.
  • Although this tool is intended to use for ads, it can be used to ensure your Facebook posts reach a good audience as well.
  • To reduce text, consider putting your text in the body of your post instead of embedded in the photo. If you must use text in your photo, try using a smaller font size and ensure your writing is concise.

3According to the social media management system Hootsuite, the best time for B2C (business to customer) brands to post on Facebook is 12 p.m. EST on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.*

*Tien, Shannon and Aynsley, Michael. "The Best Time to Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn." 15 July 2019. blog.hootsuite.com/best-time-to-post-on-facebook-twitter-instagram/

4Interact with other small business owners in your area. Engaging with them on social media will encourage them to do the same for you - and open your page up to their viewers.


The best time of day to post is 12 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.*

Ask people to
like, share, comment, or react.

5Select a different template under the edit page section to make your page stand out.

6Use an eye-catching, personalized cover photo. Update this cover photo with seasonal promotions or industry happenings to promote your business.

7Create a live video – live videos are a great way to interact with your audience and show them your personality. These videos stay on your Facebook page after they have ended, so those who didn’t catch your video in the moment can go back and see what they missed.

8Use links to reference your social media posts back to your website to encourage traffic.

9Include calls to action in the text of your post. Ask people to like, share, comment, or react. When someone interacts with your post, their friends can see it, opening up your page to a wider audience.

10Keep your profile picture simple. Since the only time most users will see your profile picture is when scrolling down their news feed, you want to make sure they can distinguish your brand even when the photo is a smaller size.