How to build a strong LinkedIn profile

How to build a strong LinkedIn profile

First impressions count

Use an up-to-date picture that best represents how you’d appear while working with colleagues or contacts on a day-to-day basis (e.g. no beach pictures or first day photos from a position you’ve now held for 15 years). Be sure to also add a personalized background photo – this can showcase a little bit of your personality. For example, include a photo of the skyline of your town, or a snapshot of a design project you are particularly proud of.

Build a strong headline

Your headline can be a maximum of 120 characters. It should include your title, who you want to work with, and how you will help them. Here are a couple of examples:

Insurance agent passionate about helping families plan for the future. Call me to discuss your financial planning needs.
Motivator. Financial Planner. Father. I can help make sure your financial future is protected.
Owner of Beth’s Insurance Company. I specialize in life insurance – call me to find out if you have enough coverage.

Build a strong About section (2,000 characters)

This is your space to shine – use first person language to tell people what they should know about you. The first paragraph of your About section should be attention-catching, professional and summative.

Not sure how to brag on yourself? Brag on your company and your projects, but avoid overused, overhyped buzzwords that don’t really say anything. Use this space to highlight accomplishments, developments or leadership positions. Or, use it to creatively spell out what type of people you are looking to interact with, while providing the value proposition of your services.

Don’t be shy about your Experience

Use your resume to build this section. Concentrate on including tangible results and accomplishments. Use this area to further establish yourself as an expert in your industry without specifically calling yourself an “expert.” The key here is to use quantifiable metrics; for example, a 10% increase in year over year sales, or a 25 point increase in satisfaction survey results.