Ready to post your own content? Here are some tips:

Posts with a photo or video tend to get more views than posts with only text.

Include a call to action – what is your post trying to get people to do?

  • For example - Try saying something like this in the description when you share one of our life insurance posts: “Learn more about why you may need more life insurance by visiting Illinois Mutual’s learning center here: Learn.IllinoisMutual.com
  • Including links also helps keep the text of your posts short.

Use the 80/20 rule – Only 20% of your posts should be directly promoting yourself and products. Ideally, the other 80% should be about showing people who you are and what your brand is all about. Are you helping out in your community? People want to know how you contribute. Are you giving a talk or hosting an event? Let them know when and where. Personal anecdotes make you more relatable – tell them why you are in the business and what drives you to help protect others as a profession.

People tend to skim, so stay mobile-friendly by keeping your posts short and simple to understand at a glance.


Remember: any sales material, including social media posts, you create that specifically mentions Illinois Mutual or our products or services, or that uses our logo or other Illinois Mutual trademarks, must be submitted in writing to our Marketing Communication and Research Department for approval PRIOR TO USE. Submit your proposed advertisements to Illinois Mutual by email to eccook@illinoismutual.com. Approved advertising may be used for a period of two years, unless we notify you otherwise.

This advertising policy is another reason why using our pre-approved posts is a time-saver. Visit Illinois Mutual on Facebook and LinkedIn for plenty of professionally designed, pre-approved social media posts.