Now that your profile is optimized, there’s one thing left… To actually post!

Users on both LinkedIn and Facebook are building a brand. Being your genuine self is important on both platforms – people want to get a sense of who you are and what you care about. Take advantage of LinkedIn to showcase the professional side of your personality; if you care about volunteering, share content from your local volunteer agencies. If you’re passionate about financial planning, share helpful articles from industry websites you regularly visit.


You can start slow, but ensure you dedicate enough time each week to your social media planning. Just like Facebook, consistency is key on LinkedIn. Try setting a weekly reminder on your calendar to plan out your social media posts.

Here are some topics to consider posting about or searching for on LinkedIn:

  • Industry news
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Company news
  • Personal successes
  • Networking opportunities
  • Mentoring advice
  • Employment opportunities
  • Local nonprofit volunteer or donation opportunities

We welcome you to visit our Illinois Mutual LinkedIn page and share any content on our page you find useful. Don’t hesitate to look back a couple of months to find a post that is most relevant to your objectives.



Any sales material, including social media posts, you create that specifically mentions Illinois Mutual or our products or services, or that uses our logo or other Illinois Mutual trademarks, must be submitted in writing to our Marketing Communication and Research Department for approval PRIOR TO USE. Submit your proposed advertisements to Illinois Mutual by email to eccook@IllinoisMutual.com. Approved advertising may be used for a period of two years, unless we notify you otherwise.

This advertising policy is another reason why sharing our posts is a time-saver. Visit Illinois Mutual on Facebook and LinkedIn for plenty of professionally designed, pre-approved social media posts.

Before publishing, ensure you thoroughly review your post to verify the credibility of the source, and to check for typos you may have missed. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform, so other industry experts will be evaluating the content you post.