Life Lessons from Lifeguards

It’s the season to sit poolside or maybe to dive right in, letting the cool water refresh your body on a day too hot to do anything else. We don’t always think about the lifeguards watching over us as we splash away, but they have one of the most important jobs of the summertime.

lifeguard looking over pool

Besides water safety, here’s what we can learn from them:

  1. Creation of a Safe Environment

    From checking the chemical balance of the water to making sure no deck chairs are tripping hazards, lifeguards have a duty to make sure the world around them is as safe as possible.

  2. Vigilance

    From the inexperienced swimmers to daily freestylers to the kids playing “Shark,” a lifeguard’s eyes are always moving, taking in the surroundings. Every single person needs to be watched over carefully.

  3. Responsiveness to Change

    When something changes, lifeguards are the first to react, whether it’s quickly reminding a kid not to run poolside or being the first to dive in to help.

Each of these actions can translate to your insurance coverage:

We might only pay attention to lifeguards when they blow their whistles, but there’s a lot we can take away from the duties of their post.

This summer, it’s your turn to be a lifeguard. On the beach, at the pool, or simply with your family, you are the protector. Poolside stand optional.