What does the “Mutual” mean in “Illinois Mutual Insurance”?

At Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company, we don’t answer to the stock market. We answer to our policyowners. A “mutual insurance company” provides insurance coverage for its policyowners, while also being owned by them.

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Mutual means we’re united in our interests:

Mutual Service

Mutual Respect

Mutual Benefits

Mutual Success

Relationships are the most important piece of who we are. As a family-operated company since 1910, we have worked with generations of policyowners and built many new connections along the way.

Being a “mutual insurance company” is business classification, but it is also a core philosophy that defines our everyday values.

We help people achieve and safeguard their financial security while being honest, reliable, and respectful in all dealings. We are built for our policyowners, guided with them in mind as our backbone and our heart. We think of them first, because without our policyowners, there would be no us.

If our way of doing business makes life better, don’t have any doubt: The feeling is Mutual.

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