Small Businesses Need Insurance

Learn why small business owners need disability income insurance.

One of the things I like about Illinois Mutual is they're working with small business owners, just like myself, that know what it's like to run a business and that know what it's like to help people and I like being able to talk to people that actually care about you and care about your family and your business.

As a small business owner, I would definitely say Illinois Mutual understands what my partner and I need and allowing our personal coverage, but make sure that the boutique can carry on in case something would happen to either one of us.

I think the two most important products for a small business owner would be life insurance and disability insurance.

The reason why Illinois Mutual's disability product is good for business owners: they have a business overhead policy, and most companies limit that policy to one year, where Illinois Mutual goes all the way to 24 months and that extra one year of coverage buys that business owner more time.

I believe Illinois Mutual Understands what my needs are. They understand that I've got to keep costs low but, that I still need a policy and that I need a company that's going to be there for me, both now and in the future and all of that is very important and why I chose Illinois Mutual to partner with.