What is Disability Income Insurance?

I work at Baron Insurance Group here in Mannheim, Pennsylvania. I used to be an engineer for a technology company. When I try and talk to somebody about insurance, I put myself in the shoes that I was once in before I was in the industry, just trying to say in very simple language: how does this work?

We use Illinois Mutual for Individual Disability, Business Expense Disability Insurance, as well as some of the Worksite benefits as well. They took the time to help us understand the product, so that we knew how to teach the product, we knew how to illustrate the product, and talk to our clients. You're trying to protect your biggest asset, which is your your head in your hands, which is what produces your income and if something happens to you it's going to provide an income so that your family's taken care of, your business is taken care of, and that there's not a loss of continuity in your everyday lifestyle.

Illinois Mutual has made writing disability insurance very, very simple and easy. The sales team is always there to assist if we need them. We can do a whole application right on the computer. We can upload it and, in some cases, have an approval and literally a policy sitting on my desk in the same week. I'm excited about the future of our company. We see Illinois Mutual as a strong partner for us. We see that investments that they're making in their company, and we really think that we could grow together and that's exciting to be able to work together with another company like that.