What is business expense insurance?

Sometimes called Business Overhead Expense (BOE), a business expense (BE) policy from Illinois Mutual can help keep your business viable by reimbursing you monthly for eligible fixed business expenses should you experience an income-interrupting disability.

You work hard for what you have. Help protect your business and your way of life with BE.

Employee Salaries

Includes employees’ salaries except:

  • salary of the insured
  • someone who replaces the insured
  • any family member working less than 3 months for the insured

Operational Expenses

Some examples:

  • equipment (lease or rental) and tools
  • office maintenance and repairs
  • billing and collection fees
  • postage

Facility Expenses

Some examples:

  • lease or rent payments
  • mortgage and loan interest
  • property and liability insurance
  • maintenance and utilities

Professional Expenses

Some examples:

  • dues and subscriptions
  • memberships (e.g. Chamber of Commerce)
  • professional license fees


Includes employees’ salaries except:

  • property
  • payroll
  • depreciation
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Business Owner Rewards

It’s not always easy to find time to get everything done. That’s why we want to reward you for taking the time to protect your business and income with DI. Put your DI plan in place and take advantage of these Business Owner Rewards!

5% Premium Discount1

As a business owner, you are eligible to receive a 5% premium discount on an Illinois Mutual Personal Paycheck Power® policy and Business Expense Power® policy when both coverages are applied for together and issued. The 5% discount applies to both policies!

Business Owner Allowance (BOA)2

If you are a business owner and apply for Personal Paycheck Power®, Illinois Mutual will increase your insurable net earned income by 25% so you can qualify for more benefits up to an additional $1,000 per month! Published policy limits still apply.

Qualify for a Class Upgrade?

The Business Owner Class Upgrade means lower premiums and allows you to apply for optional benefits and riders that are available to the upgraded occupation class. This may mean you have even more coverage options available to you. Make sure to ask your agent if you qualify!

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Return of Premium (ROP) Rider

Available at additional cost, the ROP rider provides DI coverage if you need it, and money back if you don’t.

This rider allows for 100% return of premium paid, less any benefits received, from ages 65 to 67. Beginning with the 5th policy year, you may receive a portion of the premiums paid, less any benefits received. The policy ends after the return of premium is paid and may not be reinstated.

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Customize your BE policy

Your agent can help you personalize your plan with several optional riders that offer additional protection.

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Need to protect your income, too?

Complete your income protection plan with an individual disability income insurance (DI) policy and receive a 5% discount when both policies are submitted at the same time and issued.1

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Multi-policy discount not available in FL

Not available to Class 4 occupations or chiropractors. The BOA can be denied on above average risk cases.

For Business Expense: Total Disability for any one period of disability starting while this policy is in force means your inability to perform the substantial and material duties of your occupation and you are not engaged in any other occupation for wage or profit. The definition of Total Disability differs in LA and UT.

Policy Form BE105, Business Expense Policy; Policy Form DI105, Disability Income Policy; Policy Form 9266, Return of Premium Rider

Not available in AK, CA, DC, HI, NY or VT. Coverage and availability may vary in other states.

For policy costs and details of coverage, limitations, exclusions and terms, contact Illinois Mutual. If any discrepancies exist between this communication and the policy, the terms of the policy will control.

Illinois Mutual, its agents and representatives may not give legal or tax advice. An accountant or attorney should be consulted regarding individual circumstances.