Small Business Owners – Is Your Income Protected?

Like family, your employees rely on you to keep the business running and financially healthy. If you become disabled due to illness or injury, how long could the company continue without generating the revenue needed to pay yourself and your employees?

Our disability income insurance (DI), business expense insurance (BE), and the Return of Premium (ROP) Rider offer protection for your paycheck and business.

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Income protection for small business owners

What perfect pairs can you think of? Let's start with peanut butter and jelly. What about coffee and donuts? Then there's cheese - and everything. Cheese goes with everything!

Now that you're hungry, let's talk about DI and BE and how they're a great pairing for small business owners.

DI is disability income insurance. BE is business expense insurance. If a disability prevents you from working to earn an income, the monthly DI benefit can help you pay for personal expenses like: mortgage and utilities, groceries, car payments, child care, and more.

If a disability prevents you from working, the BE benefit can help you cover fixed expenses like certain employee salaries, office maintenance and repairs, lease or rent payments just to name a few.

DI and BE just go together! Business owners may be eligible to receive a 5% discount on DI and BE premiums when both coverages are applied for together and issued.

Find out why so many small business owners protect their income and their business with DI and BE.

You’re laser-focused on staying competitive while keeping your employees and customers happy. With your busy schedule, you might not stop to consider how an illness or injury could affect your own income.

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Here’s a common income protection misconception:

“I don’t need DI because workers’ compensation will cover me.”

Workers’ comp is triggered by on-the-job injuries and illnesses that happen due to your work.

DI offers income protection 24/7. If an income-interrupting illness or injury happens on or off the job and prevents you from working, DI pays a monthly benefit that can be used for personal expenses like your mortgage, utilities and groceries.


A backup plan for your business expenses

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You watch your business expenses like a hawk. Utilities, marketing costs, cleaning fees and employee salaries add up quickly!

BE could help your business keep going if a disability due to illness or injury stops you from working to earn an income.

The benefit from BE can cover a wide range of fixed expenses, including:

  • Certain employee salaries1

  • Office maintenance and repairs

  • Lease or rent payments

  • Property and payroll taxes

  • And more

With Illinois Mutual, business owners may be eligible to receive a 5% premium discount on DI and BE premiums2 when both policies are applied for together and issued.

What if you never need to use your DI or BE coverage?

Meet Mike. Mike puts love and hard work into everything he does. That's why he has business expense insurance, also known as BE, from Illinois Mutual.

If a disability prevents Mike from working to earn an income, the monthly BE benefit can help him cover fixed business expenses like office maintenance and repairs and lease or rent payments, to name a few.

Mike has return of premium, also known as ROP, rider on his BE policy. There's a chance for his BE payments to come back. Like a boomerang!

ROP is available at an additional cost and it gives him back 100% of eligible premiums at the end of his BE policy, minus any benefits paid.

Currently Illinois Mutual is the only insurance carrier offering an ROP rider for BE. Explore your BE and ROP options and contact an Illinois Mutual agent today.

The ROP Rider gives you a chance to get back 100% of eligible premiums at the end of your DI or BE policy, minus any benefits paid.3

BE or DI with ROP offers income protection if needed, cash back if not. Plus, Illinois Mutual is currently the only insurance carrier offering an ROP Rider for BE.