• This business expense DI policy reimburses you monthly for eligible fixed business expenses should you become sick or hurt and Totally Disabled1.
  • Eligible business expenses that may be covered by Business Expense Power® include lease or rent payments, utilities, office maintenance and repairs, billing and collection fees, depreciation, mortgage and loan interest, property and payroll taxes, property and liability insurance, employee salaries (except those of the insured, someone who replaces the insured, and any family member working less than 3 months), postage, professional service fees, dues and subscriptions.
  • Premiums are generally tax deductible as a business expense.2
  • Guaranteed renewable to age 67, which means as long as premiums are paid, the policy cannot be canceled
  • Receive base benefits in addition to Social Security or workers’ compensation
  • 24-hour coverage, 7-days a week, on or off the job


How does Business Expense Power® work?

Illinois Mutual’s optional riders, available at an additional cost, give you the flexibility to personalize your DI plan. Below are some of our most popular options.

Return of Premium Rider

The Return of Premium Rider provides DI coverage if you need it, your money back if you don’t. From ages 65 to 67, you are eligible to receive a refund of 100% of the money you spent on policy premiums less any benefits already paid. Your policy ends when the Return of Premium is paid. Any benefits that may accrue under the policy after the Return of Premium amount has been paid will be payable only to the extent such benefits exceed the Return of Premium amount.

Retroactive Injury Benefit Rider

The Retroactive Injury Benefit Rider pays benefits while you are Totally Disabled due to an Injury causing the Total Disability. The Total Disability must occur within 30 days of the Injury and continue during the elimination period.

Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO) Rider

As your income increases and your DI needs change, the GIO Rider allows you to get the DI coverage you need now with the option to purchase additional coverage in the future without evidence of good health. You can purchase additional coverage up to 5 times, every 12 months after the policy effective date, prior to age 60.

As a small-business owner, if you become sick or hurt and Totally Disabled, who would earn the income to pay business expenses and personal bills? The Paycheck Power® Series gives you the power to help protect your business and your income. Put your DI plan in place and take advantage of these Business Owner Rewards!

Business Owner Occupation Class Upgrade3

Business owners, if you are applying for Personal Paycheck Power® or Business Expense Power®, Illinois Mutual will offer you a “one-class” occupation upgrade.

  • You must have at least 20% ownership of the business.
  • You must demonstrate two consecutive years of profitable business operations immediately preceding application completion.
  • The class upgrade allows you to apply for optional benefits and riders that are available to the upgraded occupation class.
  • The To Age 67 benefit period is available to Class 2 and 3 occupations. You must have gainful employment in the current occupation for at least 2 consecutive years and a minimum net income after business expenses of at least $30,000 annually.4
  • Available class upgrades are as follows:
    • Class 1 upgraded to Class 2
    • Class 2 upgraded to Class 3
    • Class 3 upgraded to Class 5

5% Premium Discount

As a business owner, you are eligible to receive a 5% premium discount on an Illinois Mutual Personal Paycheck Power® policy and Business Expense Power® policy when both policies are submitted at the same time and issued. The 5% discount applies to both policies. Together, these policies can cover a portion of your net personal income and eligible business expenses based on your particular policies.

Business Owner Allowance (BOA)5

If you are a business owner and apply for Personal Paycheck Power®, Illinois Mutual will increase your insurable net earned income by 25% in order to qualify for more base benefits. This 25% increase is subject to a maximum $1,000 of additional base monthly benefit. Published issue and participation limits still apply.