Voluntary Short Term Disability (VSTD11) gives employees the peace of mind that a paycheck brings. As a voluntary benefit, the employee pays 100% of the premium.


This policy pays benefits (not to exceed 66-2/3s of the Employee’s Basic Weekly Earnings1) for either 13 or 26 weeks, depending upon the plan selected, if the Employee is Totally Disabled from a non-occupational injury or sickness. Pregnancy, alcoholism or drug addiction and mental or nervous conditions are covered the same as any other illness.

Total Disability for any one period of disability, starting while the Employee’s coverage is in force, means, as a result of Sickness or Injury, the Employee’s inability to engage in any occupation for which he is qualified or for which he becomes qualified by education, training, or experience. To be Totally Disabled, the Employee must be under the regular care of a physician.

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