Why Get Disability Income Insurance?

Photo of father and daughter inside small business

Is Your Income Protected?

How long could your business continue without you there to generate revenue? See how DI, BE and ROP can help small business owners like you.

illustrated thumbnail of the MUG Plan video

The M.U.G.® Plan

See how disability income insurance (DI) could help you cover your M.U.G.® expenses if you were to become Totally Disabled.

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Financial Pyramid Protection

Think of your financial plan as a pyramid. Your paycheck sits at the base, and disability income insurance (DI) can help protect every layer.

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4 Disability Insurance Myths

When you learn the truth about DI myths, you have a better understanding of income protection and how it could fit into your financial future.


Do You Have Enough DI?

Find out how much Disability Income Insurance you may need with our DI Needs Calculator.


Illinois Mutual DI Testimonials

Illinois Mutual policyowner, Sean

Meet Sean: DI Policyowner

Sean’s family and business are ready for the unexpected because he has disability income protection along with disability business overhead expense protection.

Illinois Mutual policyowner, Alan, with his family

Meet Alan: DI Policyowner

Alan wanted protection in case the unexpected were to happen. He understood the importance of protecting his income, his business and his way of life.

Illinois Mutual agent, Chris Vogt

Meet Agent Chris Vogt

Meet Chris, an Illinois Mutual DI agent that wants to explain and help people understand "what is disability income insurance?"