But, what if you never need to use your policy?

There's a simple solution — the Return of Premium (ROP) Rider.

Illinois Mutual has returnedover $186 million to policyowners with return of premium since 1972!

As of 12/31/22

Here's how the Return of Premium Rider can work:

Mike1, a 35-year-old non-tobacco user, is interested in a business expense policy, but is reluctant to pay for something he may not use. He’s looking for a 30-day elimination period with a 24-month benefit period.

business owners working together

With ROP

Without ROP

Total Monthly Premium
(for $1,500/month in Monthly Benefits)



Total Return of Premium at Age 67
(assuming no claim(s) paid)




Illinois Mutual has offered income protection since 1956. Our BE plan and Return of Premium Rider are shaped by your needs and our decades of expertise.

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