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Understanding the Way You Live®

Path Protector® Whole Life offers lifetime coverage with premiums, death benefit and cash values guaranteed for the life of the policy as long as premiums are paid in a timely manner. Whole life insurance can be a valuable asset within your overall portfolio that builds value over time to protect your financial goals in the event of your premature death.

How does Path Protector® Whole Life Insurance work?

Guaranteed Premium Rates

Protecting your risk – Your premium rate will not increase during the life of your contract regardless of changes in your health or age.

Guaranteed Cash Value Accumulation

Generate cash value accumulation – Once cash value is contractually guaranteed to grow in your policy until age 121.1

Guaranteed Death Benefit

Provide for your family after you’re gone. Don’t wonder what would happen to the ones you care about most; know they are protected with a guaranteed death benefit.

Path Protector® Whole Life offers a cash accumulation feature that grows tax deferred under current tax laws2. While life insurance’s primary purpose is financial protection for your beneficiaries, the cash value can be accessed through a loan to help provide funds for emergency purposes, such as medical expenses or educational needs, although you should be aware that accumulating sufficient cash value for such purposes often takes a number of years. Loans reduce the death benefit and cash value and accrue interest at 7.25% per year, payable in advance.

One way to put your money to work is by reallocating funds that are not needed for other purposes to a Single Premium Path Protector® Whole Life policy from Illinois Mutual.

Benefits of Single Premium Whole Life:

  • Guaranteed lifetime insurance coverage with a single payment
  • Immediate increase in your estate upon policy issue
  • Tax-deferred cash accumulation under current tax laws3 and federal income tax-free death benefit4
  • Guaranteed cash value accumulation

A Single Premium Whole Life Policy can help you achieve many financial objectives:

  • Legacy planning
  • Final expenses
  • Charitable contributions
  • A plan for asset transfer
  • Grandparent gift giving5

Ask your agent about acquiring a Single Premium Whole Life policy through Illinois Mutual’s Simplified Issue Underwriting process, which includes fewer medical questions, fewer ratings, and faster decisions!

Purchase of this policy may affect one’s ability to qualify for governmental benefits, e.g., Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid.

Single premium life insurance most likely will be a modified endowment contract, or MEC.

Prior to purchase of this policy, you should consider consulting a tax advisor or estate planning attorney.

Chronic or terminal illnesses can strike at any time and usually carry serious financial burdens. While life insurance can’t stop illnesses from happening, a plan that provides the flexibility to access living benefits can give you some financial peace of mind during a difficult time.

At no additional premium, the LifeAid® Accelerated Benefit Rider6 gives you the flexibility to accelerate the payment of your policy’s death benefits if you become chronically (i.e., can't perform two or more activities of daily living) or terminally ill.7 As people continue to live longer, it is important to have a flexible policy that lets you choose when you use your benefits.

Path Protector® Whole Life provides five payment plans. Once the policy is paid up and all premium payments have been made, your death benefit and cash value continue to grow over the life of the policy. Some of these payment options may create a modified endowment contract (MEC). You should consult an accountant or attorney about whether a MEC is suitable for your situation.

  • Single Pay: Your policy is fully paid up after the first single payment
  • 10-Pay: Your policy is fully paid up after 10 years of premium payments
  • 20-Pay: Your policy is fully paid up after 20 years of premium payments
  • To Age 65 Pay: Your policy is fully paid up at age 65 of the insured
  • Continuous Pay: Your policy is fully paid up at age 121 of the insured

Optional Riders

When you talk with your agent, it is important to discuss your long-term financial goals. This can help your agent tailor your policy to your specific requirements with Illinois Mutual’s optional riders, which are available at an additional cost. Below are some of our most popular options.

A Level Term Insurance Rider provides additional life insurance protection and can be included on the primary insured, the insured’s spouse or partner in a legally sanctioned civil union or domestic partnership, as well as children.

The Paid-Up Insurance (PUI) Rider allows purchase of additional paid-up life insurance beyond the coverage acquired under the base policy, which can enhance the cash value and death benefit growth beyond the base policy.8

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