Looking for coverage with high early cash values and policy growth?

Looking for coverage with high early cash values and policy growth?

Limited Pay (LP) – WL Series 200

Offers all the perks of the Limited Pay - WL Series 100 with faster cash value accumulation. Illinois Mutual's fastest cash value accumulation whole life policy.

Guaranteed Premium

Payable for 20 years

Guaranteed Cash Value

Highest early cash values

Minimum Death Benefit


LP Series 200 in action

Denise, 29, the owner of a highly successful IT contracting company, recently got married. She and her husband, Nick, live in an apartment and are enjoying their fast-paced lives full of exciting work and stimulating challenges. Denise recognizes the need to purchase life insurance to help protect her husband financially should the unexpected happen. As she and Nick are just starting out in their life together, she is interested in a policy that can grow with them through their future life stages.


With the Limited Pay Series 200 plan (20-pay), for $2291 total monthly premium, Denise can purchase $125,000 of whole life insurance with the Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO) Rider added. The GIO Rider gives her the ability to increase her coverage through additional policies of up to $50,000 each at specific option dates, or major life events, without evidence of insurability.

She appreciates being able to tackle each busy day knowing that her life insurance policy can grow with her as her business grows, or when she and Nick decide to make a major life change, such as buying a home or having children.

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