Looking for simple, affordable and guaranteed coverage?

Looking for simple, affordable and guaranteed coverage?

Continuous Pay (CP) – WL Series 100

Death benefit protection with guaranteed cash value accumulation. Illinois Mutual's lowest cost whole life policy.

Guaranteed Premium

Payable to age 121, with a no-cost policyowner option to extend

Guaranteed Cash Value

Guaranteed build-up

Minimum Death Benefit

  • $10,000 for issue ages 0-44

  • $35,000 for issue ages 45-85

CP Series 100 in action

Mark, 32, and Amber, 30, have two young children, ages 7 and 5. One of Mark’s co-workers recently had a major medical event that prompted Mark to take action to make sure he was doing all he could to ensure that he fulfills the commitment he made to caring for his family. Mark has decided to look for insurance that can help him cover his final expenses while also providing additional death benefit coverage for his wife and himself through their children’s college years.


Using the Continuous Pay Series 100 plan, Mark can obtain $50,000 of whole life insurance that will provide coverage to age 121 as long as premiums are paid. Using the Term Insurance Rider, he can add $200,000 of death benefit protection for 20 years, and Amber can be covered under a 20-year Other Insured Term Rider with a $250,000 death benefit. Both children can be covered under a Child Term Insurance Rider with a $20,000 death benefit each.

For a monthly premium of $921, Mark’s family now has up to $540,000 in life insurance protection!

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